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LuxrayBlast's Costume
Princess Pearl: Mr LuxrayBlast!
LuxrayBlast: Hello, Princess Pearl.
Princess Pearl: Are you dressing up for Halloween?
LuxrayBlast: Yeah, I'm just having a hard time finding a Costume.
Princess Pearl: Follow me, I have just the thing!
LuxrayBlast: OK.
Princess Pearl's Room
Pearl: Wait here.
LuxrayBlast: OK. -I see Glaceon cleaning- Hello, Glaceon.
Glaceon: Oh hello, LuxrayBlast. What might you be doing in the Princess' Bedroom?
LuxrayBlast: She's helping me prepare for Halloween.
Glaceon: Ah, yes to be young again. The Princess is very welcoming to you.
-Queen Dazzle walks in with Princess Pearl-
LuxrayBlast: -I bow down- Hello, your Majesty.
Queen Dazzle: Pearl said that you needed help preparing a Halloween Costume. Well, I can definitely help. Allow me to sew you a Costume along with Miss Espeon.
LuxrayBlast: OK.
-An hour later, The Queen walks in with an oversized pair of capes and a pearl Tiara like Princess Pearl's-
LuxrayBlast: Whoa. Nice.
Queen Dazzle: Thank you, "your Majesty"
:iconluxrayblast:LuxrayBlast 3 0
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What should I do this week *boredly rolls around on the ground waiting for people to comment*
Sorry I keep tagging u all
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Young Taikezy in his diapers
When Taikezy was just a Poochyena, he was a hyper little one who wore diapers and his diapers were completely different from the ones he wears now as you see. He's still my fluffy buddy even he's all grown up to Mightyena.

Art- :iconpaddedveepaws:
Taikezy- Me
Pokemon- Nintendo

If you want a Poochyena like Taikezy, here are the bases with and without the diaper:
Mizuki's True Family
Mizuki's Family includes 3 other Pokemon who are her true family. Aiyuuki Kageyuki, Mitsuo Kageyuki & Suizuki.

Mitsuo (Right): Mitsuo is Aithra's Brother-in-Paw, as well Matthew & Adrienne's Baby Brother, he's younger than Matthew by 2 years & Adrienne by 1 year. After escaping his father's cruel clutches with his Brother & Sister, Mitsuo & Matthew lost Adrienne. They both met up with two young eevees fighting, revealed to be Luiza & Suizuki. He told the girls what happened & that his & Matt's father drowned the rest of their siblings, except Adrienne. He learned that Suizuki used to be a Princess.

Aiyuuki (Middle): Aiyuuki is Aithra's Baby Sister-in-paw & Treated as such. She says that's she's a full-blown Umbreon, but, Aithra treats her as a Baby, still teasing her by telling her she wore diapers up until Marriage with Mitsuo. She hired Suizuki as the nanny for her & Mitsuo's children.

Suizuki (Left): Suizuki is Luiza's friend who loves chocolate. Like Luiza, she will actually bathe in Chocolate, even when wearing a Diaper, she'll take a Bath in Chocolate. She's silly like her Sister, but, will take time with the children & take them on trips. She gets in squabbles with Luiza often. Suizuki wears a Punk Bracelet on her front leg. Suizuki held Mizuki's paw all the time, but, Mizuki didn't mind; everyone thought she was so cute still in diapers. At High School, Suizuki stopped holding her paw as she was a Big Girl & didn't want to embarrass her. Mizuki was so scared, so Suizuki, chose to hold her paw a little bit longer. Ronin was so embarrassed at how much of a big baby his sister was, having Suizuki hold her paw, in high school.

Aithra, Luiza (Mentioned)- :iconpaddedveepaws:, :iconluigirocks84:
Matthew, Adrienne (Mentioned)- :iconpaddedveepaws:
Aiyuuki, Mitsuo, Suizuki- :iconluxrayblast:, :iconpaddedveepaws:
Art- :iconpaddedveepaws:
Pokemon- Nintendo
Suizuki the Diapered and Lovely Vaporeon
Suizuki is my Lovely Wife, the adopted Mother of Tinsle & Kaleidoscope and the Blood Related mother of Matthew Koritsu. She is the Sister in Paw to Matthew, Mitsuo and Adrienne. Suizuki does everything to keep her family happy, even her Luxxibaby. She put one of her Diapers on LuxrayBlast and continues to put them on him, since he loves them and enjoys the poof. She bathes in chocolate, even while Diapered. She maybe a silly Vaporeon, but, she's very sweet.

Art- :iconpaddedveepaws:
Suizuki- :iconpaddedveepaws:, :iconluxrayblast:
Pokemon- Nintendo
If USUM are Alternate Universes of Alola, what if Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and Platinum are AUs of their respective regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh? It's not crazy to believe, right? We went 2 Generations without a sequel to Pokemon Platinum, explaining why Cyrus has a Houndoom on his team.
Please explain why everyone is saying Deviantart is "deleting fake accounts and if they don't see a message proving I'm not fake"? Is there any proof? Did DA say that? If so, I didn't get the message.
I have something to admit. I'm at fault for having very little room to be suspicious of what people say and I take it seriously. I'm nothing more than some fool who took a Journal seriously from a friend, I won't say which one of the three it was. But, I'm certain we'll still win. Apparently it was only half of the fight we won.
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LuxrayBlast Koritsu
United States
Just a casual gamer, not too competitive, but, I love Pokemon. My Favorite Pokemon is Luxray! Pagedoll by :icontehshinykawi:

One of my favorite OCs is Messy. Pagedoll by :iconsin-pai:

My Profile Icon is made by :iconcrystaltheglaceon2:

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YouTube Channel:… All I have are Replays from Smash Bros on here, but, I don't have recording equipment, so no dice.

If you have Fire Emblem Fates Birthright or Fire Emblem Fates Conquest, please Visit my Castles by Typing their names in.

For my Birthright Castle, Type in Luxrainia.
For my Conquest Castle, Type in Houndoomia.
For my Revelation Castle, Type in Chiyeko Castle. Also a Reference to the :iconthe-eevee-kingdom:'s Name, Chiyeko.


<img src="…"

My Commission Journal:

I'm also part of Rat-Man1's DA Family as the Baby Brother:

Big brothers :iconglaceonfyre: :iconquestions14: :iconuri-the-espeon: :iconhitkid: :iconbreakingeevee: :iconjolt-the-thunder: :iconrat-man1: :iconjdmwanganpichu:

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Sona Art
Katlyn the Sylveon by LuxrayBlast If you want a pic of your PokeSona, I, LuxrayBlast, will do my best.
Messy's Surprise Chibis
Messy's Special Chibis to help mend relationships with another Deviant or for a Chibi batch, inspired by TehShinySylveon's Chibi bunch. Messy's Special Surprise Chibis- Raidon by LuxrayBlast



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